Sunday, October 10, 2010

Picnic and boat rides at the lake!

Collin and cousin Chloe looking out at the water.

Collin and Chloe playing prince and princess.

Collin driving the boat!

Poor Ella could only watch..but she looked cute doing it!

This afternoon Collin and I met Mamaw, Papa, Aunty Jen, and cousins Chloe and Ella at the lake for boat rides and a picnic. It was a beautiful, sunny, Fall day. The weather was gorgeous and everyone had a good time. The kids enjoyed the boat rides on the lake and running around in the leaves back on shore. We had a nice picnic supper and then the kids were off on another boat ride. I think we will have three good sleepers tonight. The best part of it school tomorrow thanks to Mr. Columbus!

What Collin is doing now: crashed out on the couch watching Dora.

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