Saturday, September 18, 2010

1 year ago!

He wasn't a tiny, pink newborn wrapped in a blanket and new to the world. He was a 3 year-old little boy wearing orphanage-issued sandals too big for his little toddler feet. Familiar with the world, but in surroundings unknown to him, he met two strangers whom he was told were his "baba (daddy) and mama". He ran into daddy's arms and let mommy hug him. He accepted us instantly, and we loved him at first sight. When I looked into the eyes of this little boy, I instantly knew this was the little soul I was always meant to meet. The little soul always meant to speak the word that was reserved only for him, and one I'd been longing to hear: "mommy". Celebrating Gotcha Day today..and rejoicing in our happiness. What a magical year it has truly been, and what a brave resiliant little boy we are blessed to call our own!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Homework Time...yes, he's 4!

Don't worry, the "homework" was no big deal. He had to practice his name by copying it 4 times. It almost became an issue, though, when I asked him to sit down at the kitchen table to do it and "Wonder Pets" was coming on. He asked to do his homework in the living room so he could see the beginning of the show. No way, Jose'! Luckily, he came to the table without a fuss and did his work, but, when he heard the opening song of the show he busted out into a panic! He quickly put his name on the top of the homework sheet, jumped off of the chair, and ran into the living room. Good thing he was done with it!

What Collin is doing now: watching Wonder Pets save the beaver!