Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Chloe the cowgirl!
There's a new sherrif in town and his name's grandpa!

Yummy chicken dinner in the condo.

Strolling Branson Landing.

Watch where you're aiming, son!

Collin enjoying the playground with Chloe.

Getting golf pointers from daddy.

Collin is still asking where the tea was!

Unwinding after a long day.


Think I'm spoiled?

I love my baby Ella.

Ready to race!

We returned a few days ago from our annual vacation spot - Branson, Mo. with the family. Collin had a good time and relaxed once he figured out that, 1. we were not in China again, and 2. that we would eventually be going home to all of his toys and his room. We know what "vacation" means, but to a little 3 year old whose never taken one, the concept was a bit strange. The last time he packed a bag and went somewhere it was to a new family, so I think some fears arose.

We had so much fun swimming, shopping, go-karting, riding rides, mini-golfing, eating out, and goofing around back at the condo. Collin had a great time with cousin Chloe, and cousin "baby" Ella was present, but too young yet to join in the festivities although she was awesomely good! Poor baby had to sit back and watch the older two running around and causing fun commotion. She can join in a bit next year, although I can predict the adults will be saying a lot of "not so rough around Ella" and "be careful, don't hurt Ella" since she will only be a little over a year old. But, it's something to look forward to. We know Collin had a good time because the day after we got home he asked us when we were going to vacation and he wanted to go right then!

Enjoy the pictures from this trip.
What Collin is doing now: sitting with me and helping pick out pictures to post.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Children's Hope International Reunion Picnic!

Today Collin, Grandma, and I attended our international adoption agency's reunion picnic. It was held in St. Louis and, living in Southern Illinois, I have been to the city too many times to count. But, I have not always been the one driving when going into the city. It makes me a little nervous. I got the directions for where we were going off of the internet and they seemed pretty simple. Thank goodness, they were! My mother-in-law was along to help out, which I was thankful for. We arrived at the reunion and signed in. Collin spotted a book at a stand that was set up and it was, of course, a tractor book. We made the purchase and headed into the craft area where Collin made a cute little puppet and played hopscotch and ring toss. While all of this was going on, we were reuniting with families that we traveled to China with almost 9 months ago. It was neat to see them again, especially the girls and Jackson, the other little boy in our travel group. They have all blossomed from receiving the love and attention their families give them. Collin loved the parachute toss, especially when he got to run underneath it! After lunch, a kids' music due set up on stage and entertained the kids. It was really neat, and the kids enjoyed singing and dancing along. Collin was tired by then and enjoyed listening on either mine or grandma's lap. Overall, I am glad we attended and hope to attend next year!
What Collin is doing now: playing with his tractors and waiting to go to his first demolition derby!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun at the fair!

Collin had a great time with friends at our local county fair tonight. First, we found one of his school projects which won a ribbon! Then, he competed in the kiddie tractor pull. He was so excited to pedal that tractor, and we were proud of him for getting on it in front of a big group of strangers to do it! He's pretty little yet, so we will try again next year for a trophy. Grandma, grandpa, aunty Jen, and Chloe came down to cheer him on! /Next we were off to buy an armband to ride the amusement rides with a group of friends and cousin Chloe. They all had a great time riding until the fair closed! A corndog and a bag of cotton candy completed the night. Oh, and we can't forget the racecar he won playing the "duck game" thanks to papa! Collin had a blast!!
What Collin is doing now: sleeping from his big night out!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yard Sale Treasure!

I found this rug at a yard sale a week ago and Collin has had a blast playing with it. If you notice in the picture, he has all his NASCAR racecars lined up and ready to race! I hope to have 4th of July and swimming lesson pics up soon. Collin's doing great with lessons and really enjoyed his first 4th of July fireworks!

What Collin is doing now: watching Diego while squeezing his new Thomas pillow (and he's tired because he didn't take a nap)!