Monday, December 13, 2010

Busy days!

Unwrapping the "kisses" for the cookies.

He takes his job very seriously!

Proud of the finished product.

Nativity that Collin made at preschool.

Collin with his new Christmas train which he named "The Polar Express."

He really likes his train!
December has proved to be very busy already and we are not even two weeks into it. Collin VERY MUCH understands what Christmas is this year and is anticipating Santa's arrival..he can't come soon enough! It is hard for a four year old to understand time but we do the best we can in helping him to understand it will be a little while yet until Christmas morning.
He helped decorate the Christmas tree, which he loved doing. He enjoyed pulling out each ornament to see what it was and find a special place on the tree for it. He has his own "little" tree that only has HIS ornaments on it. So far he has 6 ornaments from family and one that he picked out this year for his tree..a Tonka dump truck.
We baked some of daddy's favorite cookies the other day and danced in the kitchen to Christmas music while making them. Collin loves to dance and he's a funny little monkey when he does!
The other day Collin came home from school with a homemade Nativity scene. He very proudly assembled all the pieces, which were stored in a plastic bag for the ride home, and told the Christmas story while he worked...well, it was his version of the story anyway. It was really cute and I'm glad I captured it on video. First he placed the "hay" very neatly into the scene and then carefully added each person one by one. Baby Jesus has to stay behind the scenes until Christmas morning, he said.
This week is our Christmas program at school and I am hoping to get some good pictures of Collin singing with his class. It's hard to believe Christmas is coming so soon. It seems like we were just at the pool enjoying a nice day of swimming!
What Collin is doing now: winding down with an episode of WonderPets.