Thursday, October 28, 2010

Collin at the K-8 Halloween parade at school. The prek students made "cat hats" to wear.

Farmer Collin at his preschool Halloween party. He had taken off his straw hat so he could dive into his chocolate cupcake.

Collin's preschool Halloween party was this week. He loved getting his costume ready. He chose to be a farmer, and he carried a green tractor because every farmer has a tractor! He said he had a lot of fun at his party and he brought home a lot of treats. His preschool class paraded through each classroom at school, and there were a lot of very cute costumes. Collin really got a kick out of the fact that one of his preschool teachers dressed up as a vampire and had purple teeth!
I had my first parent/teacher conference with Collin's teacher. I was not used to being on the "parent" side of it. Collin received a great report from his teacher. He mastered all of the concepts for the first quarter assessment, and is proficient in his cutting skills, writing his name, and drawing circles without lifting his pencil. We are very proud of him!
I will post more pictures from Trick-or-Treating when we'll get the full effect as Collin plans to go do-to-door on his pedal tractor. Stay tuned!
What Collin is doing now: eating a snack and watching Wonder Pets.

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